Ben Biondo
Designer, etc.


My name is Ben Biondo.



My name is Ben Biondo, I am a designer and director of creative work. Get me around ping pong table and I can be entertained for up to an hour. I am looking to get creative with you. If you see see something you like, lets work together. If not, damn. Either way, thanks for stopping by to take a look at my works.

Things I Do

Art Direction, Branding, Web Design, Illustration, etc. I would suggest just looking at my work here and on my Tumblr

People I've Worked With

Golden State Cider, Knowlita, Capitol Records, Pintrill, Mate The Label, Ransom LimitedGhostmouse, Shaun White, Bodega Wine Bar, KOZM,  Say Kids, Valley Cruise Press, Uniqlo, SuperBrand, Kinfolk, Column Five, Rebel Coast Winery and more. 


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